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Crystallised Earth

Amazonite Tower | Brazil

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Natural Amazonite Tower from Brazil

Four available, choose the one which calls to you from the menu 💙

A - measuring 90mm tall x 49x32mm base. NB this tower has a small rough section to one sise when you can see the layers that this crystal is made of.

B - measuring 88mm x 34x28mm base.

M - measuring 86mm x 41x35mm base.

O - measuring 72mm x 43x31mm base.

With its powerful soothing action, Amazonite can make even the dullest of days seem brighter. It removes emotional trauma, eliminates fear and stops the small things from getting to us.

We feel more balanced by its ability to show us different points of view, we stop worrying about that which we cannot control and start enjoying what we have.

It works with our heart and throat chakra, bringing meaningful conversations and open communication. We find clarity in our Heart, understanding what we need and what makes up happy and accepting no less than what we truly deserve.