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Crystallised Earth

Agate Polished Crystal Geode | Brazil

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Natural Agate Polished Geodes

Each is unique with differing patterns, banding and colours.

Four available -

1 - grey, brown and yellow banding with chalcedony back. Measures 92mm x 74mm.

2 - grey and brown, with some red chalcedony, in a flame shape, natural raw back. Measures 103mm x 92mm.

3 - yellow, blue and orange, with banding a bubble patterns. Back looks like an oyster shell. Measures 115mm x 108mm.

4 - yellow, pink and grey, with quartz centre, natural raw back. Measures 110mm x 98mm.

Please choose the one which calls to you from the menu. Each photo is the front and back of each agate.