Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Pyramids in Purple, White and Green mixed colours

The Meaning Behind Crystal Shapes and Their Powers

The meaning behind crystal shapes and their benefits

We will discuss the different shapes, their benefits and how we can use them in manifestation.

Part one is going to look at all the pointy crystals! Towers and points, obelisks, double terminated crystals and pyramids.

A large tower crystal in the sky honey calcite summertime crystals

Towers/Points -

What makes a crystal shape a tower? Well, towers tend to have six (6) sides meeting to a single point, they are generators for energy.

They say that tower shapes with one point take in negative energy, convert it and release positive energy. They do this by having large flat sides, which are windows for energy, and can take in large amounts of negativity, then depending on the crystal type, they convert it using their own frequencies and it becomes positively charged and the point releases this positivity to us or the areas we intend to us it.

Channel positive energy by aiming it toward the body; and by aiming it away from the body we dispel all toxins and rubbish, or debris, especially in the bloodstream and intestines. Removal of these toxins and negativities can mean we need to cleanse our crystals, I will be writing some information on cleansing crystals soon 💕

Why should I use a tower for my intentions? Crystal towers support the movement of energy inwards, allowing for our own introspective and personal reflection, working out our feelings and channeling the energy outwards into a positive and powerful new vigor. The healing energy of towers can be used for a range of intentions. 

Towers are bigger single points, where as Points describe the smaller single Terminated crystals. 

A Set of Small Smoky Quartz Points Crystal Collection Brown Root Chakra Crystals

A crystal point works on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—to purify, activate and amplify energy.  They are one of the most powerful crystals for focusing and amplifying your intention. Think of it as a natural “laser,” at which you can “point out,” with precision, your intended target! 

Usually a point is a smaller tower, one which can be held in hand or carried with you to support you in the daily challenges we face. There are so many uses for crystal points, I would recommend having some in your collection which can be scattered around the house keeping a little force field of positivity as you go about your day.

Double Terminated (DT) Crystals - The term termination refers to the pointed end of a crystal point or tower. In the case of doubly terminated crystals they meet a point to both to top and bottom. Their energies flow both ways, you can guide this energy towards your intentions by holding or pointing it towards your goal.

They are powerful tools when balancing the chakras, if you want a clear mind and to allow yourself to speak freely you can hold your DT between the crown and throat chakra to open both up to your intentions.

Excellent for use on grids, whilst meditating and on mandalas.

Three Snow White Agate Druzy Towers / Obelisk with a pyrite Sphere in the grass

Obelisks- An obelisk is a tall, tapering four-sided shaft of stone, terminating to a pyramidal apex. The pointed end resembles a captured ray of the sun disk, symbolising the journey of the spirit from the vibrations of the material “earthly” world to the subtle energies of the etheric field. It has been said that “the pillars of the obelisk support the heavens, humankind’s highest aspirations

They work as with any pointed crystal, it amplifies energy and focuses it out through the apex, or top of the point. They work well in any room to dissipate negative energy, place them in your office to keep a peaceful working environment.

Three Rainbow Fluorite Pyramids in purple, white and green


Pyramids - the very shape of the pyramid is inherently powerful. Pyramid-shaped crystals allow you to focus your mental, physical, and emotional energies through the apex, or tip.  The base of the pyramid provides a very grounding influence. They can also defend against negative energies.

There are so many benefits from these shapes! If you have a specific goal in mind please message me and I will gladly guide you to the stone that is right for your journey. 💕

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