Amethyst: The Master Healer

Amethyst: The Master Healer

Amethyst: Understanding the power and lore of this Master Healer

Three raw amethyst clusters, purple crystals, from Brazil

This page offers an understanding of what Amethyst is and how we can use its energy for Healing 💜

Firstly let's talk about the basics, What is Amethyst? 

Amethyst is part of the Quartz Family, famed for it's purple colour, which can range from a pale lilac to deep violet/mauve. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale allowing it to take a good polish and carved into all sorts of shapes. It's Lustre is Vitreous making it a very reflective and shiny material.

February Birthstone and 7 Year Anniversary Stone.

Do I need Amethyst?

Amethyst is a strong healing stone as well as amplifying your intentions, it protects us from negative energies. Removing and transmuting any negativity into positivity, cleansing our aura and sparking a new lease of energy.

It is a natural stress reliever, removing fears and dispelling anger. By having a calmer and balanced mental state we can achieve our goals. Put Amethyst on your forehead to activate the crown chakra for mental clarity and remove headaches/ migraines. 

A stone to help with grief, Amethyst balances the emotional difficulties we face when we feel loss, allowing us to come to terms with what has happened and feel comforted and grateful for our experiences. 

Keep amethyst by your bed to encourage restful sleep. Some have said it can cause vivid and detailed dreams, a lucid state if you will.

History & Lore 

Amethyst comes from the Greek word 'Amethystos' which means ‘not intoxicated’. The Greeks, recognizing the grounding poignancy of the stone, thought they could use the crystal to protect them against intoxication and that wearing amethyst would keep them from falling down drunk.

Why use Amethyst?

The most popular type of quartz crystal is amethyst, which is also thought to be the most powerful and protective stone. It is a violet semi precious stone that is frequently worn as jewellery or used to heal. Because of its beautiful hues and emotional impact, it has been coveted for centuries.

Where can Amethyst be found?

Amethyst crystals can be found on every continent, but South America has the most of them. North America and Africa are home to the second-largest deposits. Brazil is the country that makes the most, processing more than 3,000 tonnes per year. Geodes, which are hollow spaces in rocks, are where amethyst forms. Some geodes have a volcanic origin, formed when silica-rich stones like amethyst were encased in lava and allowed to slowly crystallise.

Collection of Bolivian Amethyst Points in lilac and purples

Emotional healing and feelings

Amethyst can help those who are mourning. This gem can assist an individual in overcoming unpleasant events and personal losses. It makes a person stronger by giving them emotional stability and strength from within. Using amethyst can help a person connect their emotions, bodies, and minds.

This stone concentrates one's emotions, allowing them to handle emotional lows and highs. It can also help people who are anxious, scared, sad, angry, or grieving.

Besides that, amethyst could also clean a person's aura and open their crown and throat chakras. This stone should be worn around the heart or throat.


Amethyst relieves tension, sparks new thoughts, and boosts psychic skills. This stone helps you cope with challenges and calm throughout chaos. This stone can also help people who get anxious or have bad dreams.

When combined with meditation, this crystal can assist a person gain clarity and calm. It may also help in decision-making and finding better life solutions.

It can minimise nightmares, increase psychic powers, impart spiritual insights, and change bad thoughts into positivity. Those who struggle with paranoia or schizophrenia, however, should not use this stone because of its potent vitality.


Many people think that amethyst can clean the organs but also circulatory systems of the body. It's a blood cleaner that lowers blood pressure and removes obstructions.

People who get headaches from stress may find this crystal helpful because it helps release stress. It heals sleeplessness, brain and head ailments, hearing difficulties, psychological stress, and geopathic stress. It prevents alcohol, drug, food, and sex addiction.

Amethyst soothes irritation and sunburn. It makes more hormones, makes the immune system stronger, and makes bruises, injuries, and swellings go away. It heals lung and breathing problems as well as infections in the digestive tract.

This stone helps regulate gut flora and remove parasites.


Amethyst has a strong spiritual vibration, making it a potent stone that can aid in the awakening of one's soul, infinity, and the Goddess. The person who has this crystal will realise that they are capable of beyond what the body can do.

You can find your angels or spirit guides with the help of amethyst. It is known as a natural tranquilliser, and it can keep bad energies from getting to you. It also makes you more aware and helps you meditate.

As a spiritual stone, this encourages love of the divine and helps people be more selfless and wise. It can open intuition and reveal psychic gifts, this stimulates the third eye chakra, which is foresight and intuition.

It gives you intuitive dreams while you sleep that may help you have out-of-body experiences. Overall, amethyst can achieve harmony between the physical, mental, and emotional parts of the body. It stimulates the third eye, throat, and crown chakras.

Close up of Amethyst geode formation

How can I use Amethyst?

Keeping amethyst close during meditation will help ease the mind and body, anchoring us to the physical realm and help balance our emotions. Keep in front of you as you meditate or in the centre of our crystal grid.

Wear Amethyst to remove stress and anxiety. It is most powerful worn on the left side of the body to bring positive energy through the body.

Place in a room where stressful events may take place. If you work in an office keep Amethyst on your desk to bring calming energy and clarity.

Place in a child's room to encourage a restful sleep, removing negative thoughts and happier dreams.

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