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Crystallised Earth

Sodalite Bracelet | 6mm Bead

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 Our selection of 6mm beaded bracelets are both beautiful and versatile. You can wear alone or stack them to keep your energies flowing towards your goal or intention


Is the name for a group of minerals containing hauyne, nosean, lazurite and tugtupite, which contain high concentrationsof sodium, hence the name! A naturally blue crystal with veins/patches of white which grows in large masses and can be translucent to opaque. 

Sodalites deep blue colour means it works with our third-eye chakra, opening up intuition, perception and self awareness. By using it during mediation we can tap into its potential and be guided on a high spiritual level.

It also works with the throat chakra allowing us to speak with our heart and carry our voice with positivity and strength. We will not be held back by doubt or fear if we have Sodalite by our side (or on our wrist in this case!) With Confidence we can be our authentic self.

It is a calming crystal with strong stress relieving benefits, removing worries and tension that lead to back problems and muscle fatigue.