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Crystallised Earth

Snow White Agate Heart | Indonesia

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One Snow White Agate Heart

These snow White Agate hearts are so dreamy!! Beautiful solid white colour with sparkly druzy pockets, these hearts are a perfect addition to any collection.

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What is Snow White Agate?

Snow Agate is part of the Quartz family, being made up of a composition of white agate, clear quartz and porcelanite.

Hardness approx. 7, SG 2.66, mixed lustre, conchoidal fracture. You find it in few localities around the world. All of our material is untreated and comes from Indonesia. 

*As these are cut from natural stone, you may find minor flaws and natural inclusions, this is quite natural and does not alter the metaphysical properties*

Why do I need Snow White Agate? 

White Agate is a stone of balance, it harmonises the male and female balance in the body, brings stress relief and builds up the immune system.

Working with the Crown chakra it grounds us, with calming energies, allowing us to appreciate what we have, as well as bringing clarity by showing us truth in difficult situations. It connects us with our higher self and our spirit guides.

The heart shape represents our desire to be loved and to love, giving our minds and bodies to the possibilities of new relationships and strengthening ties with those around us, who we care about.

It is believed to help with eyesight and is especially helpful in relieving pain and discomfort in pregnancy.