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Crystallised Earth

Silver Sheen Obsidian Sphere | Mexico

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Silver Sheen Obsidian Sphere

In a galaxy far far away a swirling planet of silver sheen goodness can be found.. well its not too far away you can find them right here at Crystallised Earth! Silver Sheen Obsidian is an exciting crystal which holds both protective and psychic qualities.

What is Silver Sheen Obsidian? - Physical Properties

Obsidian is a natural glass, not made with human intervention, created by lava, which is cooled rapidly, often in water, which turns to cold black glass.

As the lava flows move across the Earths surface they collect nano particles of different elements and gas bubbles, which when cooled in the molten glass leave behind some stunning effects, such as rainbow Sheen or metallic Sheen like our Silver Sheen Obsidian.

Bright vitreous lustre, Hardness 4 to 6 (depending on inclusions), can scratch easily but polishes well. Can be found in many locations, including the USA, Turkey, Scotland, Peru, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Mexico.

Healing Properties of Silver Sheen Obsidian 

Grounding and Protection - Obsidian is a grounding crystal, it's energy is like attaching a tether to the earth, we feel more secure and able to discuss our problems. It removes frustration and fear associated with lack of control by coming to grips with the problems we are facing and bringing balance to our lives. 

Clear sight & Clear Mind - Offering a link between our body and our mind, we feel heightened senses, especially sight, organising our thoughts and illuminating our problems allowing us to work through the negativity which can consume our mind.

A crystal to keep close during any spiritual development it will protect against psychic attack and we feel enlightened by the truths revealed when working with it.

Sharpens intellect and focus. Allowing for greater intake of knowledge and reduces procrastination, more focus for us to fulfil our highest potential with the patience to allow us to get there.