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Crystallised Earth

Rhodonite Sphere | 55mm | India

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A Black Lace Rhodonite Sphere from India, with strong supporting properties to help with healing of the heart.

55mm Diameter 

What is Rhodonite? 💗

Rhodonite is a pink Manganese Silicate, whose colours range from baby/bubblegum pink to rich rose pinks, often with spikey black veins or patches of Manganese Oxide (the metallic lustre is a real contrast to the pinks).

Rhodonite Healing Properties 💗

Known as the Grandmother stone, Rhodonite works with healing the heart, be it following the breakdown of a relationship or in times of grief. Rhodonite is there to repair and replenish you.

It is a compassionate crystal, encouraging forgiveness and nurturing love. It takes our emotional trauma and upheaval and has us work through our feelings, bringing a happier and clearer aura. Giving clarity and calm in the most difficult of situations.

The Manganese also brings grounding and protection into the mix. We feel less anxious, fearful and more secure when activating the root chakra with this special crystal.