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Crystallised Earth

Moss Agate Acorn Carving | Brazil

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A symbol of new life, fertility and strength, the Acorn shows us that even the smallest seed will become the strongest tree. Moss Agate has the added energy of the earth, bringing mental and physical balance and supporting new relationships

Intuitively chosen so you get the one that was meant to be with you 🌰

Zodiac - Aquarius and Virgo, supporting stronger friendships and bringing calm 💕

A variety of quartz, this stunning material can be either Chalcedony or Snow quartz containing green inclusions, made of Iron, Manganese or chlorite, which has compressed inside the Quartz to create these veins or zones of green 'moss', hence the name.

It has strong ties to the earth, making us appreciate our environment and removing environmental pollutants from the body. We will find joy from being outside and enjoying what mother nature has to offer. 

Bringing balance and tranquility, you can use the stone to bring life to new friendships, supporting strong, meaningful relationships