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Crystallised Earth

Ocean Jasper Obelisk

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Ethically Mined Ocean Jasper AKA Orbicular Jasper Towers and Obelisks with Beautiful Earth Tones and Sparkly Druzy Pockets.

Each piece is locally mined by a family group in Indonesia and has completely unique markings, so which ever you choose will be especially for you!

Options: (height)

XY 115mm

OB 103mm x 34mm base width



Ocean Jasper Physical Properties

Ocean Jasper is a striking variety of the opaque  polycrystalline quartz family with incredible bulls eye, stardust or orb patterns distinctive in material originally found in Madagascar 🇲🇬 and has been found on the coastline of Indonesia 🇮🇩. 

Hardness 7, with clear quartz druzy caves, various colours are found in each tower, please see photos for the variety we have available 💕

Healing Properties of Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper represents the rhythms of the inner sea, with upwelling feelings like joy, happiness, and contentment, expressing our emotion and showing compassion and kindness to ourselves and others.

The colours found in these stunning examples signifies vital energy, empowerment, and spiritual protection.

Ocean Jasper works to relieve anxiety and depression. Working with the heart and solar plexus chakra. A stone to help with accepting change and removing toxins from the body.