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Crystallised Earth

Howlite Sphere

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White Howlite Polished Sphere 

These Calming crystals bring patience, clarity and awareness

Three available, each sphere measures approximately 50mm diameter.

Howlite brings calmness and clarity, reducing stress and anxiety, allowing the body and mind to relax. This in turn will help with unresolved anger issues, removing the negativity which becomes our burden so we feel lighter and happier. 

Howlite is also known as the stone of Awareness. It has strong links to spirituality, raising our awareness and bringing serenity. It is a crown chakra stone, bringing patience and a deep thirst for knowledge which is why students use it whilst studying to allow increased memory and embracing new information. 

Howlites need for serenity can calm us when we are quick to anger and at times when we feel under pressure. It soothes our nerves and stops us feeling overwhelmed. 

Zodiac - Gemini ♊️ 

Pair Howlite with Black Tourmaline for relief of stress, with Rose Quartz When Calming the heart or with Amethyst when reaching higher realms of consciousness.