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Crystallised Earth

Fire Quartz Raw Chunk

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Raw Fire Quartz from Brazil

"We seek the fire for the spark, which is already within us" and just like the saying, these Fire Quartz Raw Chunks can offer focus and perseverance.

Intuitively chosen from each size group - from 20g to 100g

What is Fire Quartz?

A clear quartz body with veins/inclusions of Hematite which gives rise to these areas of rich orange and red colour. Also known as Hematoid Quartz. 

Healing Properties of Fire Quartz

Fire Quartz offers concentration, focus and determination! These energies are amplified and we are able to stay on course when faced with adversity. 

The Hematite found in these palms brings a sense of balance, which can reduce the extreme highs and lows in our mood. We feel grounded and in greater control.

The increased energies of these magnificent crystals can be used to give us motivation and the confidence to show our passions!