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Crystallised Earth

Dream Amethyst Moon

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By the crescent of the moon I have sown the seeds that will bring me my hopes and dreams. Dream Amethyst brings clarity in chaotic situations and offers peace and unity.

💜 What is Dream Amethyst? 💜

Physical Properties for Dream Amethyst

Dream Amethyst is a combination of Amethyst and Clear Quartz, usually translucent or opaque, Hardness 7, it is also known as Chevron Quartz/Amethyst.

Birthstone for February and stone for the 6th Wedding Anniversary. You can find this variety of Amethyst in Brazil, India and Africa.

Healing Properties of Dream Amethyst 

Dream Amethyst is a strong healing stone as well as amplifying your intentions, the Amethyst within it protects us from negative energies, brings peace to our aura and balance emotions. The clear quartz will amplify the energies, allowing for stronger manifestation, visualisation and guidance.

It works with both the Crown Chakra and Third-Eye Chakra. It will lift us to a higher spiritual level, enhancing the inner vision and making us more decisive. 

Dream Amethyst is a good stone for creative spaces. Place a piece of Dream Amethyst in your workspace to help enhance creativity if you love to draw, create, paint, or write.

Some say that Dream Amethyst will aid in a restful sleep, clearing our mind of the days troubles allowing us to drift off calmly into the dream world. Once there this crystal can bring a deep sleep and with it some vivid and lucid dreams.

 intuitively chosen so you receive the piece that was meant to be with you 💜💜