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Crystallised Earth

Dioptase Pendant | Sterling Silver

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Natural Teal Coloured Dioptase Pendants in Sterling Silver 

3 Available-

Oval 1 - Rubover set oval shaped cabochon measuring approx. 16mm x 10mm, overall length 26mm. £29.00

Oval 2 - Rubover set oval shaped cabochon measuring approx. 15mm x 8mm, overall length 23mm. £20.50

Pear 1 - Rubover set pear shaped cabochon measuring approx. 13mm x 10mm, overall length 23mm. £21.50

925 Sterling Silver 

Dioptase is a copper bearing mineral, it has a stunning emerald-green colour often with natural inclusions and fractures. Our cabochons have cone from Namibia. 

Working with the heart and throat chakras, it allows us to let go of painful emotions and focus on our own healing and peace, finding our truest self.