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Crystallised Earth

Clear Quartz Moon & Stars | Brazil

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Clear Quartz Small Moons & Stars.

Our pocket sprocket super stars, or moons, are small and perfect for any growing crystal collection. They can be used on crystal grids or help in manifesting your greatest intentions

What is Clear Quartz?

The Physical Properties of Quartz:

Family Quartz, Variety Rock Crystal AKA clear Quartz, forms in various sized prismatic crystals, Hardness 7, Vitreous Lustre. Quartz can have unique inclusions called tiger stripes caused by healed water filled fractures.

Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal is the purest of all Quartz having no colouring agents in the make up and so the material is clear and pure. Especially helpful for mental clarity and clairvoyance.

Found I'm abundance around the world, this material has come from Brazil, which have many fine gem quality examples.

Healing Properties of Clear Quartz

What can Clear Quartz help with?

The healing properties of Quartz show that it is the most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystal on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy; it also unblocks and aligns all chakras and raises our spirituality to bring peace and tranquility our minds and body.

It is a master healer, being used for any condition and works especially to aid concentration and unlocks memory and distant memories. 

Clear Quartz amplifies energy, it should be used with other crystals whose energies match our intentions, for example use with black tourmaline to increase protection and blocking negative energies. Use with carnelian to boost energy and motivation.

Five Available in Each Carving. Intuitively chosen so you get the piece that was meant to be with you 🤍