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Crystallised Earth

Clear Quartz Bracelet | 4mm Faceted Bead

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🀍 One Clear Quartz Faceted Bead Elasticated Bracelet 🀍

These 4mm Faceted Beaded Bracelets are so easy to wear, stacked or worn alone, they offer extra sparkle and zing! The Clarity of These Sparkling Clear Quartz Bracelets will bring calm, peace and align our Chakra.

Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal is the purest of all Quartz having no colouring agents in the make up and so the material is clear and pure. Especially helpful for mental clarity and clairvoyance.

Clear Quartz is a master healer. It balances, clears and aligns our chakra. Helping bring a natural balance to the mind and body.Β It has a Brilliant Lustre and Clarity. Amplifying all energies and aiding in concentration and memory work.Β