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Crystallised Earth

Blue Dumortierite Quartz Tower | Brazil

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Blue Quartz Tower

Bringing balance to our lives these magical towers of Blue Quartz are full of harmonious energy, to help is to find calmness and truth in the moments that really matter.

Five Available measuring between 90mm and 120mm tall.

First discovered in 1881 in the Rhone region in the Swiss/French Alps and named after their founder Eugene Dumortier, this special mix of crystals is mainly white quartz, which is coloured blue by the numerous Dumortierite crystals in its make up.

It can also be known as Dumortierite Quartz or Blue Aventurine, although it doesn't have any mica, so cannot be an aventurine 💙 

Dumortierite is a silicate mineral, coloured blue by the addition of boron in the structure. It is often deep blue or blue-violet colour. 

Zodiac Cancer ♋️ and Scorpio ♏️ 

Healing properties:

It is a calming stone, bringing relaxing energies to balance our spiritual state to a place of harmony. We can work through our emotions bringing calm in the chaos and finding solutions to difficult problems. It is also linked to addiction, helping overcome behaviours that lead to over consumption and promotes self-discipline.

A Throat chakra crystal, we find confidence speaking our truth, we are able to bring out our creativity and self expression. It adds diplomacy so we are able to understand and accept others opinions.

It can lift us to higher spiritual realms, reaching a plane of consciousness and feel more connected in relationships and inspire us to do more good 💙