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Crystallised Earth

Andean Blue Opal Tumble | 3 Sizes

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You will receive one Andean Opal Tumble, intuitively chosen from one of the sizes below:

Three sizes available:

Small up to 10g

Medium Up to 20g

large 20g +

The national stone of Peru, this variety of Opal is known as a common Opal, as it lacks play of colour seen in precious Opal, however its Aquamarine coloured body is not common at all, it's wonderful rarity brings something special to this crystal.

It is found at the base of the Andean mountains, they are considered as a gift from Pachamama, the earliest Inca goddess of fruitfulness and Mother Earth.

Offering calm, peace and tranquility. It removes stress, tension and anxiety. 

Working with the throat chakra, our centre of communication, it helps with speaking our truth, removes the fears associated with public speaking and gives us confidence. 

They are also considered a soul stone, it rebalances your energies and your emotions. Providing a much needed uplift and happiness that feeds into the rest of our body and gives us food to nourish our hopes and desires.