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Crystallised Earth

Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet | 6mm Bead

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Rainbow Obsidian

Our selection of 6mm beaded bracelets are both beautiful and versatile. You can wear alone or stack them to keep your energies flowing towards your intentions. 

Wearing crystals is a very powerful energy transfer, promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Bringing increased calm and positive energy. 

Rainbow Obsidian cleanses all of the chakras, removing blockages and allowing us to feel in control. It is a strong stone of protection, blocking negative energies and pollutants.

It will bridge any gaps between the mental and physical inbalances inside, illuminating any stagnant energy and putting hope at the forefront of our body. This will also alleviate depression, sadness and despair. With Rainbow Obsidian on our side we can see our true potential.